Synchrotron Coin

Coin Distribution

Synchrotron coin's premine of 16,060,000 STC will be distributed as shown below using a fair & equal airdrop model. Official wallet addresses listed here



Name: Synchrotron
Ticker: STC
Algorithm: Scrypt
Wallets: MacOS, Windows & Linux
Max. Total Supply: 70,000,000
Pre-Mine Supply: 16,060,000
Proof of Stake Yes
PoS Reward 4.5 STC/Block
Coin stakeage 1 Hour
PoW Reward 4.5 STC/Block
Block Time 3 min

STC distribution tracker

To ensure full transparency with the Synchrotron community, we have listed all fund addresses below for tracking.

Airdrop sKPuY5wZZjUWnkggvKX1CmQFMTC7v91yqR View
Development Team sQC47kxoCTUMYhRRTh5gR8eNutRjdCdNHD View
Project Funds sTEPeoUERgudf4NAHVMR7CumuhYGQmjyZJ View
Marketing sc1d4AakoogFaDkyzfJ4BBu8jAzB4tmBRD View
Bounty sR3NnesxN2m1gLtRcqiuSU3419CeA1rEGw View


Some of our intended milestones are outlined below, we will continue to review our roadmap as the project progresses.

Q1 2019

• Hardfork with reduction of wallet airdrop to increase the value of the piece

• Reconstitution of the reserve

• Whitepaper V.1 release

• Change "rules" of Airdrop

• Renew twitter and add a facebook page (and other networks will follow)

• Web wallet launch

Q2 2019

• Exchange listing

• Whitepaper V.2 release

• SPV Wallet

Q3 2019

• Opening of online prize pool STC

• STC Mobile Wallet

• Improved mobile wallet to be compatible with the payment project

• Additional Exchange listing

Q4 2019

• Partnerships with online payment sites

• Continuous development of the prize pool STC online site

• Additional exchange listings


You can select a suitable wallet to securely store your STC for staking and support transaction verifications on our chain.



Synchrotron provides macOS users with a High Sierra, Mojave, and higher compatible version of our GUI application. Updates will be provided per requirements.



Synchrotron core is the fundamental GUI wallet for our blockchain. We will constantly provide improvements for this wallet and update as required.



Linux wallet also available for holders of STC Coins. You can stay updated with our latest development and application releases via our github page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i get free STC Coins?
We are distributing 18 million STC coins over the next 30 weeks. To participate in our airdrop, you will need to join our community on discord and follow the airdrop joining instructions.
Who is funding Synchrotron project?
The Project is being funded with private personal funds and expense to the team at the moment. As a community member, you can support us by buying additional STC in our minisale events to join our whale clubs. All our contributors will receive multipliers in the airdrop rounds.
Is STC listed on any exchange?
We aim for Synchrotron to be listed on multiple exchanges by end of Q1/2019.
How can i get a Synchrotron address/wallet?
We have made both macOS and Windows wallets available to the community. You can visit the wallet page on our website or our github page to find the latest wallet release. After installations, you can generate a wallet address.
Can i mine STC?
Yes. Synchrotron Coin is a PoW/PoS coin. We have a PoW block reward of 4.5STC